The theme of this work is "memory".

This piece is made of a material called Urushi (lacquer), which has a characteristic of discoloring when exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time. One day, I accidentally left a work in progress on a window sill, and the color of the part that was exposed to sunlight was completely different from the part that wasn't.  When I saw it, I felt the memory of the sunlight was imprinted on the piece. That is the origin of this work.

 The lacquer in this piece works the same way as a photosensitive material. The freshly coated white lacquer (candy-colored Urushi mixed with white pigment) is brown, but the areas exposed to ultraviolet light turn white.

On the white lacquered surface, a film of a photograph filled with my memory is printed by the sunlight. These pictures are memorable images from my childhood or scenes I encountered on my travels, which have left a lasting impression on me in my ordinary life.

When I go out wearing this piece, it is further bleached by the sunlight, and the original image gradually fades over years and then finally disappears.

A part of the image is lacquered with gold powder. When the image eventually fades and disappears, only the gold lines remain. This represents the way that only a fragment of an old memory remains, an impressive part of it. I believe everyone has had the experience that only a part of a vague memory remains in their mind forever.

Through this work, I want to express the impermanence of the passing time. And I hope that the wearer of this work will share this concept.







Urushi, wood,  Japanese paper, pigment, gold powder, brass, silk cord

60 × 60 × 5 mm